Term Papers, Google, and Library Anxiety: How Can Information Literacy Improve Students’ Research Skills?


Information overload occurs when information received becomes a hindrance rather than a help, even though the information is potentially useful. Today’s digital natives are Internet-savvy and are usually very adept at juggling not only the myriad of technological gadgets that have become essential to daily existence but also the influx of information received from these devices. They have sharply honed skills at “googling” fast facts and have discovered how to manage social connections through texts and tweets, but research indicates that when it comes to doing college research many students are overwhelmed by the abundance of resources available. How does one cope when a basic Google search results in several million results? Too often students are confused and frustrated, seemingly paralyzed by the amount of information available. This continually increasing trend is called “data deluge,” and the consequences of this flood can be damaging.

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TMI: a University Dialogue on Decision Making in the Age of Information Overload


University of New Hampshire, Manchester

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