Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of materials can I put in the repository?

The Scholars’ Repository is a great place for pre-prints, unpublished research papers, reports, presentations, student scholarship, and creative works. The repository can also support multi-media formats such as videos, podcasts, and other digital scholarship projects.

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What are the benefits of putting scholarly and creative works in the repository?

Scholarship in the repository is indexed by search services such as Google, making it accessible to a wide audience. The repository provides an optimal place for archiving UNH scholarship for long-term access, promotes authors’ rights to control their intellectual property, and encourages Open Access to research.

Depositing your publications in the Scholars’ Repository can increase the discoverability of your research, drive more traffic to the published version of your paper, and result in higher citation rates.

For works that are not published elsewhere, the Scholars’ Repository provides stable urls and structured metadata to make sure your research outputs are readily available to the public and remain searchable and accessible far into the future.

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If I post something in the repository, can I still publish it?

Most journals allow posting earlier versions of articles later accepted for publication. We can help you understand the journal's policies and select the correct version for posting.

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How do I revise a submission?

To revise a submission that has been posted, or to post a new version, .

If the submission has been submitted, but not yet posted, you may revise it via your My Account page:

  1. Locate the article on your My Account page, and click the title.
  2. Click Revise Submission from the list of options in the left sidebar.
  3. Enter your changes in the Revise Submission form, and click Submit at the bottom of the page to submit your changes. (You only need to modify the portion of the form that corresponds to the changes you wish to make.)