The UNH Scholars’ Repository is a central location for collecting and promoting scholarship and creative work by UNH faculty, students, staff, institutes, and programs. Scholarship in the repository is indexed by search services such as Google, making it accessible to a wide audience. The Scholars’ Repository also provides a central location for archiving UNH scholarship for long-term access, promotes the rights of authors to control their intellectual property, and furthers the concept of Open Access to research.

Make sure that your work can be found by anyone who needs it. at the University Library to have your publications, presentations, reports, research institute papers, and other scholarly or creative work added to the UNH Scholars’ Repository.

Getting started:

  • Email us information about your publications. We'll research the publisher policies that apply and follow up with you to get files we can post. 80% of journal publishers allow a version of a published article to be posted in an institutional repository.
  • To deposit unpublished materials, either email us copies of your documents or sign up for an account to upload them on your own. Signing up for an account will allow you to get download statistics for your articles and other deposits.
  • Talk to us about setting up a collection for your research center’s reports and other materials.
  • Invite us to meet with your department or group.

Email contact:
To learn more about Open Access publishing, author copyrights, and research repositories, visit the Scholarly Communication and Open Access Library Guide.