The University of New Hampshire Law Review

Editorial Board


Charlotte Ancel
Managing Editor
Taylor Evans
Chief Articles Editor
Lyndsee Dickison
Executive Editor
Ryan Hawkins
Chief Note Editor
Kate Winstanley


Senior Article Editors
Charles Blazer
Jeremy Harrison
Ross Hicks
Nathan Rees
Jason Tanguay
Sean Tassi

Associate Members

Nicklas Anderson
Scott Dodds
Anthony Galdieri
Peter Keane
Justin Maleson
Sabin Maxwell
Alexander Meagher
Frederick Millett
Cynthia Mousseau
Patrick Muffo
R. Terry Parker
Michael Parsons
David Roccio
Nicholas Thede


Faculty Advisors
Alice Briggs
John Orcutt
Business Manager
Carol Ruh
Editorial Advisor
Christopher Hanba