The University of New Hampshire Law Review

About This Journal

The University of New Hampshire Law Review, formerly published under the title Pierce Law Review, replaced the peer-reviewed journal RISK: Health Safety and Environment. As one of two scholarly journals produced by University New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law students, the UNH Law Review publishes articles of general legal interest exploring questions of law and unsettled legal issues.

Our editing process shows great respect to the author’s voice and expertise and therefore emphasizes minimal textual and structural edits, while maximizing clarity. The Law Review’s primary focuses are to ensure every claim in a piece is fully and accurately supported, and to assess citations for their currency, accuracy, and conformance to Bluebook rules. Authors are provided with an Executive Editor to regularly report on the progress of a given article and provide particularized feedback.

The University of New Hampshire Law Review publishes two to three issues per year and has published articles by such noted scholars as: Erwin Chemerinsky, Joshua E. Kastenberg, Lisa Heinzerling, Joan Costa-Font, Stephen Black, John D. Hutson, Robert C. Sarvis, Seth Barrett Tillman, Sanford Levinson, Gaytri Kachroo, Stephen B. Bright, Randolph N. Jonakait, Patrick Woods, and Calvin Massey.

To request a subscription, please contact the Editorial Board at lawreview@law.unh.edu.


The University of New Hampshire Law Review accepts submissions year-round. While we prefer to receive submissions electronically, we also accept hard copy submissions.

For those interested in submitting electronically, please use Scholastica, ExpressO, or send us a direct email to lawreview@law.unh.edu

For hard copy submissions, please address your correspondence to:

University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law
ATTN: UNH Law Review
2 White Street
Concord, NH 03301

Further Instructions for Submissions:

In submitting your article, please include a cover letter and a copy of your curriculum vitae (or resume). Cover Letters should include your article’s title, word count, a brief description of the article, your name, contact information, and any other information that may be helpful in the selection process.


Electronic submissions are preferred in Microsoft Word format, although we do accept PDF formats. If you have questions about the format, please inquire prior to your submission.

Student Articles and Notes:

The University of New Hampshire Law Review accepts students’ scholarly works, but holds them to the same standards as any other author.