The University of New Hampshire Law Review


Michael Conklin


This Article seeks to explain the drastic, seventy-six spot ranking disparity that exists between Howard Law School’s overall ranking (based primarily on objective factors) and the purely subjective peer ranking. Potential explanations considered include location, law review quality, political ideological preference, use of promotional materials, notable alumni, professor quality, unwillingness to game the system, and random statistical noise. When all of these potential explanations come up short, Howard’s unique standing as the top HBCU law school is found to be the most likely explanation. This explanation is also consistent with the corresponding increase in racial salience and the increase in Howard’s disparity. The topic also elicits discussion of the role of law school rankings, the recent rankings boycott, and race in higher education.

Repository Citation

22 U.N.H. L. Rev. 279 (2024).