The University of New Hampshire Law Review


[Excerpt] “This article examines the design of special release conditions and the problems that arise when such conditions do not comport with constitutional standards. Part I provides a general overview of the First Amendment issues that often arise with respect to special release conditions. Part II discusses the current state of the law and classifies the types of bans defendants have encountered in supervised release conditions. Part III explains the factors that are frequently considered in assessing the validity of special release conditions, and Part IV suggests a new approach for evaluating the constitutionality of special release conditions. The article concludes by endorsing constitutionally permissible tailoring for release conditions and by encouraging courts to interpret these conditions with careful attention to the individual defendant’s situation.”

Repository Citation

Laura A. Napoli, Demystifying “Pornography”: Tailoring Special Release Conditions Concerning Pornography and Sexually Oriented Expression, 11 U.N.H. L. REV. 69 (2013), available at http://scholars.unh.edu/unh_lr/vol11/iss1/5