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[Excerpt] "Considering that energy production is a key factor in the development of nations, it is important to have detailed information on the risks attributed by lay people to the different types of energy as well as the different stages of energy production. This study reports on the structure of risk perception with regard to energy production found among French participants. There have already been many investigations of risk perception related to energy production. . . .

The present study is a direct extension of the Mullet study. A similar, although more complete, set of items was used. These items related to specific energy domains as well as specific aspects of the energy production process. As in the Mullet study, nine energy sources (covering all currently known energy sources), were considered in this study: Wood and bio-mass, coal, gas, oil, nuclear, water, wind, geothermal, and solar. Also, nine stages in the energy production and utilization process were considered: obtaining raw materials, storage of raw materials, transportation of raw materials, energy production, waste products related to energy production, transportation of energy, transportation of waste products, the storage of waste products, and utilization of energy. Crossover of production phases and energy types resulted in a large number of items.”

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Etienne Mullet, Anne Bertrand, Cécilia Lazreg & Sheila Rivière Shafighi , Risk Perception Regarding Energy Production: Factor Structure in a French Sample, 1 Pierce L. Rev. 197 (2003), available at http://scholars.unh.edu/unh_lr/vol1/iss3/6