The University of New Hampshire Law Review

The University of New Hampshire Law Review, formerly published under the title Pierce Law Review, replaced the peer-reviewed journal RISK: Health Safety and Environment. As one of two scholarly journals produced by University New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law students, the UNH Law Review publishes articles of general legal interest exploring questions of law and unsettled legal issues.

Current Issue: Volume 22, Number 1 (2023)

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Editorial Board


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Editorial Board



Editorial Board, Volume 22


Hailey Droogan
Chief Articles Editors
Paul Gagliardi
Chief Articles Editors
Bobbette Luton
Managing Editor
Quinn Kobrin
Managing Editor
Eva Scheiwe
Chief Notes Editor
Caroline Voelker
Symposium Editor
Mariah Thurston

Senior Editors

Anthony Alsante
Seamus Cuddy
Hannah Nuemiller
Julia Schade
Keisten Schwanbeck
Christina Scott

Associate Editors

Alexandra Attilli
Connor Brady
Lyla Boyajian
Sean Davis
Avery Ellis
Gianna Fasoli
Erin Gaddes
Danielle Heine
Rachel Janis
Enya McGarry
Emalee Peterson
Stephen Ruisi
Joshua Sprague Oliveira
Keagan Tolman
Patrick Yehle

Faculty Advisor

Peter J. Karol

Library Liaison

Sue Zago
Kathy Fletcher