RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (1990-2002)


John Kadvany


While recognizing that the making of environmental policy is sufficiently complex that no one method can serve all conditions, Dr. Kadvany urges that more attention be given to multiattribute utility and decision analysis. He suggests this can help, e.g., to illuminate stakeholder values and generate alternative approaches.

Repository Citation

John Kadvany, From Comparative Risk to Decision Analysis: Ranking Solutions to Multiple-Value Environmental Problems, 6 RISK 333 (1995).


Please note the italicized omission from a sentence, at 6 Risk 346: Preferences involving value hierarchy, H, have property, P, involving preferences (with or without uncertainty) if, and only if, aggregation function fH using weights wi, ... , wn has convenient property Fp, e.g., linear, multilinear or multiplicative.