RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (1990-2002)


The authors attempt to clarify some of the variables that influence whether people act appropriately when a Risk is substantial and subject to individual control. They do so by reporting results of a pilot study of seat belt use. Also, the authors believe their approach to be generalizable to problems such as encouraging people to test for radon, to use condoms to prevent AIDS or to quit smoking.

Repository Citation

Kenneth D. Boehm, John T. Keating, Karl W. Pfefferkorn, Audra J. Pfeltz, Brady G. Serafin, Jessica L. Sullivan, Karen L. Thode, Kevin M. Vincent & Juanita V. Field, Individual Response to Risk As a Function of Normative Social Pressure: A Pilot Study of Seat Belt Use, 3 RISK 199 (1992).