RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (1990-2002)


John M. Gleason


Reviews of the books: Mark A. Rothstein, Medical Screening and the Employee Health Cost Crisis (BNA Books 1989). Foreword Edward L. Baker, MD, MPH. 296 pp. Notes, figures, tables, glossary of legal terms, glossary of medical and health care terms, table of cases and index. LC 89-977; ISBN 0-87179-628-7.

Robert Decresce, Mark Lifshitz, Adrianne Mazura, & Joseph Tilson, Drug Testing In The Workplace (ASCP Press and BNA Books 1989). Forewords by Edward Miller, JD and George Lundberg, MD. 278 pp. Notes, figures, tables, table of cases and index. LC 88-39191; ISBN 0-89189-260-5 (ASCP), 0-87179-588-4 (BNA). Both of these books deal with the topic of medical screening of employees. As indicated by the titles, Rothstein's book deals with various types of screening, with a focus on health costs, while DeCresce et al. focus on one specific type of screening.

Both books are very well documented and should serve as good reference sources.

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