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RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (1990-2002)


RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (ISSN: 1073-8673) is a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal that was produced by Franklin Pierce Law Center (now University of New Hampshire School of Law) in Concord, NH from 1990-2002. The first five volumes of the journal were produced under the title RISK: Issues in Health & Safety.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Number 1 (2002)


This issue consists of Volume 13, Numbers 1 & 2.


How Should Governments Address High Levels of Natural Radiation and Radon--Lessons from the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident and Ramsar, Iran
S. M. Javad Mortazavi, M. Ghiassi-nejad, Azam Niroomand-rad, P. Andrew Karam, and John R. Cameron


BSE: Risk, Uncertainty, and Policy Change
Enda Cummins, Pat Grace, Kevin McDonnell, and Shane Ward


The Precautionary Principle and Radiation Protection
Kenneth L. Mossman and Gary E. Marchant