Jackson Estuarine Laboratory

The Cortical Morphogenetic Cycle Associated with Cell Division in Diophrys Dujardin, 1841 (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida)1


This investigation was supported by a research grant, CURF S100, from the Central University Research Fund of the University of New Hampshire and the Leslie S. & Iola Hubbard Marine Research Fund through a grant to the University of New Hampshire. The author is indebted to Melissa B. Seawards for assisting in the preparation of all illustrations and to the R. P. Hall Memorial Fund for aid in meeting page‐charge costs. The paper is based, in part, on a presentation by the author at the 1978 meeting of the Society of Protozoologists, Athens, Georgia. Contribution No. 89 from the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory.

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The Journal of Protozoology

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