43rd Edition, 2022-2023

Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the 43rd edition of Comm-Entary! We are proud to present you with this year’s edition of the Communication Department’s research journal at the University of New Hampshire. The annual publication of Comm-Entary is a time-honored tradition here in the Communication Department. Over the past 43 years, Comm-Entary has enabled young scholars to share their insights on media, rhetoric, and interpersonal studies. We have reached audiences in six continents and in dozens of countries around the world. We are so excited to share it with you.

This year, I had the privilege of witnessing and being part of the incredible achievements of our journal. Our team recruited innovative new talent this year that helped shape our goals and bring our objectives to life. Furthermore, in pursuit of last year’s goal of expanding our reach, we are proud to announce that our social media strategy has expanded to a new platform: Tik Tok. For the second year in a row now, we have also fostered collaborations with UNH’s chapter of Lambda Pi Eta (LPE), the Communication Department’s Honors Society. Some of the research in this publication, in fact, stems from the bright minds of LPE students. We are also proud to have highlighted two panels of authors at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference for the second year in a row. The nine young scholars that presented their research at the conference speak to the academic excellence of the students of the Communication Department.

Our Editorial Board and student editors made the publication of the 43rd edition a success by their true commitment and hard work. And, of course, none of it would have been possible without the guidance and leadership of our incredible faculty advisor, Professor R. Michael Jackson. The dedication and passion for academia that our members demonstrate can be clearly seen in the pages that follow. Thank you, team!

Comm-Entary is a true example of scholarship and young minds coming together to contribute something meaningful to the communication field of study. From the Comm-Entary team to you, we hope you enjoy and find meaning within the following pages!

Ashley White


Content for change
Kaley Lambert


Saying Goodbye to a Friend
Sarah Huckman


El Chupacabra
Michael Thomas Crowley


UNH Blue
Josh Kalman and Alec Dubois


A Gorgeous Mosaic of People: A Multimodal Meditation on the Death and Life of Tyre Nichols
Lily Neher, Jon Donahue, Rianwen Watkins, and Kevin Healey


Ghost Hunting
Lydia Osmer, Olivia Amaral, Andrew Hilzinger, and Paige O’Neil

Executive Board

Editor in Chief
Ashley White
Author and Board Liaison
Layla Hanissian
Manuscript Chair
Mya Sanders
Editing Chair
Josh Kalman
Editing Chair
Hayleyann Gifford
Editing Chair
Céilí Flot
Editing Chair
Dominic Fusco
Editing Chair
Robert Briggs
Digital Chair
Marlouise Siguenza
Digital Chair
Shaielyn Spensley
Student Organizations Liaison
Pat Hussey
Publicity Chair
Evie Wiechart
Sarah Huckman
Spencer Quillen
Lambda Pi Eta Liaison
Anna Gasper
Abbie Vigue
Brie Surawski
Daniela Farfan
Cover Art
Kali Couronis
Faculty Advisor
R. Michael Jackson