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Day 01 Jan 20 Introduction to inquiry. Temperature perception.

Day 02 Jan 22 Sixteenth Century Ideas. Physiology of temperature sensation.

Day 03 Jan 29 The thermometer. Chemothermal sensation.

Day 04 Feb 03 Chemothermal sensation. Properties of gases.

Day 05 Feb 05 Simulation of Particulate model for gases. Kinetic Molecular Theory

Day 06 Feb 10 Gas properties and laws. Historical ideas about heat.

Day 07 Feb 12 Heating and cooling curves

Day 08 Feb 17 Latent heat of phase change

Day 09 Feb 19 Phase change, intermolecular forces, and heat

Day 10 Feb 24 Phase change, intermolecular forces, and heat

Day 11 Feb 26 Phase change, intermolecular forces, and molecular structure

Day 12 Exam day. No class videos.

Day 13 Mar 05 Thermal equilibrium

Day 14 Mar 10 Heat transfer by conduction

Day 15 Mar 12 Heat and energy. Heat capacity relationship.

Day 16 Mar 24 Heat transfer by convection and radiation

Day 17 Mar 26 Consumer product investigation

Day 18 Mar 31 Consumer product investigation synthesis

Day 19 Apr 02 Intern: Refractory materials.

Day 20 Apr 07 Heat transfer application

Day 21 Apr 09 Intern: Animal biological adaptations to thermal environment

Day 22 Apr 14 Intern: Chemical reactions and energy

Day 23 Apr 16 Intern: Energy production and environmental consequences

Day 24 Apr 21 Chemical reactions, bonding, and energy

Day 25 Apr 23 Chemical reactions, bonding, and energy. Explosive materials.

Day 26 Apr 28 Student poster session

Day 27 Apr 30 Entropy, energy transfer. Consumer products. Wrap up.

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