Revising the ABET Information Technology Criteria to Reflect the IT 2017 Curriculum Guidelines


Developing curriculum guidelines for high quality, rigorous degree programs in Information Technology (IT) requires broad engagement of international perspectives and critical input from the industry sector and computing professional societies. As the computing field rapidly evolves, ACM and IEEE Computer Society have partnered to regularly update curriculum reports, including curriculum guidelines for baccalaureate IT programs, also known as the IT2017 report. Released in December 2017, the report provides the framework for revising the ABET IT program criteria used to accredit undergraduate IT programs. The panelists will describe different perspectives and rationales for the proposed revisions, will address potential obstacles in formulating theses revisions, and will solicit feedback for both the impact and possible improvements for these revisions.

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SIGITE '18: Proceedings of the 19th Annual SIG Conference on Information Technology Education



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