Slender Wing Theory Including Regions of Embedded Total Pressure Loss


An aerodynamic theory of the flow about slender delta wings is described. The theory includes a treatment of the self-consistent development of the vortex wake patterns above the wing necessary to maintain smooth flow at the wing edges. The paper focuses especially on the formation within the wake of vortex 'cores' as embedded regions of total pressure loss, fed and maintained by umbilical vortex sheets emanating from the wing edges. Criteria are developed for determining the growing size and location of these cores, as well as the distribution and strength of the vorticity within them. In this paper, however, the possibility of vortex breakup is omitted. The aerodynamic consequences of the presence and evolution of the cores and the associated wake structure are illustrated and discussed. It is noted that wake history effects can have substantial influence on the distribution of normal force on the wing as well as on its magnitude.

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AIAA 26th Aerospace Sciences Meeting : January 11-14, 1988/Reno, Nevada


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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