IT2017 Report: Putting It to Work


IT2017 report is the second edition of the ACM/IEEE-CS Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs in Information Technology. The report is scheduled to replace its predecessor, the IT2008 report, by the end of this year. A twelvemember diverse task group has worked diligently to make revisions and produce an appropriately forward looking document that is globally relevant and balances perspectives from educators, practitioners, and IT professionals. The novelty of the report is its focus on industry-informed competencies that IT graduates should have to meet the growing demands of a changing technological world in the next decade. Key to the effectiveness of the report’s guidelines are implementation decisions that take into account program goals and resources, institutional missions, and local contexts. The panel will elicit productive conversations around how to effectively implement the IT2017 curriculum framework in educational institutions around the world.

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SIGITE '17 Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference on Information Technology Education



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