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Ocean Engineering

Degree Name

Master of Science

First Advisor

Jonathan Beaudoin

Second Advisor

Thomas Weber

Third Advisor

Andrew Armstrong


Acoustic seafloor backscatter measurements made by multiple Reson multibeamecho-sounders (MBES) used for hydrographic survey are observed to be inconsistent, affecting the quality of data products and impeding large-scale processing efforts. A method to conduct a relative inter and intra sonar calibration in the field using dual frequency Reson 7125 MBES has been developed, tested, and evaluated to improve the consistency of backscatter measurements made from multiple MBES systems. The approach is unique in that it determines a set of corrections for power, gain, pulse length, and an angle dependent calibration term relative to a single Reson 7125 MBES calibrated in an acoustic test tank. These corrections for each MBES can then be applied during processing for any acquisition setting combination. This approach seeks to reduce the need for subjective and inefficient manual data or data product manipulation during post processing, providing a foundation for improved automated seafloor characterization using data from more than one MBES system.