Section II, ANTH 650: Anthropology of Migration and Movement

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Section II showcases work by three students from Dr. Sara Wither’s ANTH 650: Anthropology of Migration and Movement course. First, Sadie Kane Marston, as a counter to the primacy of using nationality labels to define immigrants, explores the possibility of utilizing self-defined LGBTQ+ labels instead. She argues that defining identity based on assumed nationality divides people into stereotypical racialized groups they had no autonomy in choosing, while allowing for a self-driven alternative identification might instead empower minority individuals. Elizabeth Hartt writes a very timely essay on Title 42, the Public Health and Welfare Act, discussing the history of U.S. immigration laws and their past uses, before delving into the implementation and harmful aftermath of enacting Title 42 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, Morgan Eames examines how the martyrdom and permanent disfigurement of Palestinian youth in Gaza has been normalized and wielded by activists and the media, unpacking the most recent violent chapter in the complex historical relationship between Israel and Palestine.

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