The purpose of this journal is to provide a venue for UNH students to publish and share their work with the university community and the general public. As a discipline, anthropology has numerous subfields, including archaeology, medical anthropology, applied anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, visual anthropology, and socio-linguistics, among others. We encourage submissions from all subfields, but will also consider interdisciplinary work.

We hope that this journal is a venue where students also can receive constructive feedback on their projects, exchange ideas, and share innovative approaches, techniques, study areas, and media for doing, producing, and representing anthropological projects. This is not a peer-reviewed journal. The editorial board rotates annually and consists of two anthropologists, ideally representing different subfields (e.g., a socio-cultural anthropologist and an archaeologist).

Current Issue:

From the Desk of Co-Editors: Dr. Amy Michael and Dr. Sara Withers

This issue of Spectrum reflects a shift back to pre-pandemic course work and showcases the ways in which students have learned to balance academic focus with relevant methodology to bring varied topics, such as archaeological excavation on campus, policy analysis, dreams across cultures, craftworks, and more, into sharper focus through their writing and research.


Engaged Student Research Projects on Campus Archaeology: Exploring a World War II Married Veteran Housing Site
Meghan Howey, Alyssa Moreau, Andrew Bell, Maria Hagan, Sadie Marston, and Sabrina Smith