Date of Award

Fall 2023

Project Type

Clinical Doctorate

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First Advisor

Gene Harkless

Second Advisor

Cathleen Colleran


The United States has a critical healthcare access issue for gastroenterology patients. Delays in treatment can lead to expensive complications, including emergency room visits, hospitalization, and surgery. Creating a rapid-access clinic (RAC) for gastroenterology so that patients can obtain a quick and efficient evaluation of their symptoms in a shorter appointment time can help decrease the delay in care and generate more revenue for the hospital. Over 8 weeks in 2023, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Department of Gastroenterology used a telemedicine-only RAC to see patients for 20 minutes rather than the traditional 60-minute period. As a result, the RAC saw more new patients in 1 day than a provider usually sees per week. Patients benefited from being seen in a faster amount of time. Additionally, the clinic generated a significant revenue increase due to timely patient test ordering. Thus, an RAC could be an effective, life-saving measure for gastroenterology patients by helping to manage the healthcare shortage.