Date of Award

Fall 2023

Project Type

Clinical Doctorate

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Program or Major

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

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First Advisor

Sara Robinson

Second Advisor

Fiona McCaughan

Third Advisor

Cathleen Colleran


This quality improvement initiative aimed to address workplace violence against nurses in inpatient psychiatric facilities and promote a culture of safety. The QI project involved 27 participants, including inpatient psychiatric nurses and mental health counselors from Cahill 4 and 7 West units at the Cambridge Campus. The primary objective was to identify challenges that hindered the effective utilization of the Broset Violence Checklist (BVC) tool for referring patients to sensory modulation rooms.

Pre- and post-intervention surveys were conducted to assess participants' self-reported knowledge and barriers to BVC and sensory room utilization. Educational sessions covering workplace violence, debriefing techniques, and the application of BVC to identify patient triggers and potential aggressive behaviors were conducted. Results indicated a significant improvement in participants' understanding of the benefits of sensory rooms among those who attended the educational sessions. This project demonstrates the effectiveness of education in enhancing staff members' comprehension of the BVC tool and the potential of sensory modulation rooms to improve emotional regulation and decrease aggression in psychiatric patients. Keywords: workplace violence, Broset Violence Checklist, sensory modulation rooms

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