Date of Award


Project Type

Clinical Doctorate



Program or Major

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Degree Name


First Advisor

Cathleen Colleran, DNP, RN

Second Advisor

Cathleen Lindauer, DNP, RN


BACKGROUND: Patient experience is an essential indicator of healthcare performance. Understanding and improving patient experience in an Emergency Department is a complex issue.

INTERVENTION: The goal of the quality improvement project was to improve the patient experience by engaging with a Patient and Family Advisory Council to create a Patient Rounding tool. The Patient Rounding tool was used to obtain patient feedback, identify concerns, enhance patient comfort, and provide an opportunity for positive staff recognition. Patient Experience Scores were measured via the Emergency Department Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (ED CAHPS) survey.

RESULTS: Five hundred twenty rounding sessions occurred using the PFAC-created Patient Rounding tool over three months. During those sessions, 110 nurses had patients rounded on. The rounding sessions generated 145 recognition opportunities, and qualitative feedback was positive. ED CAHPS, which reflects the patient experience scores of discharged patients, did not show improvement during the intervention period. However, 68% of the patients rounded on were admitted.

CONCLUSION: This quality improvement project in patient experience did not yield evidence of impacting ED CAHPS scores. The approach chosen for rounding led to a high number of nurses involved in the rounding process but did not target the discharged patient population eligible for ED CAHPS. Keywords: patient and family advisory council, patient experience, patient satisfaction, emergency department, patient rounding, leadership rounding, ED CAHPS