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Winter 2022

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Clinical Doctorate

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Pamela Wall


This article describes a quality improvement project undertaken at a northeastern prison focusing on the psychiatric hospital unit. The project's primary aim is to implement training in nurse-led psychoeducation groups for psychiatric hospital unit nurses with the outcome of increasing confidence and competency through improved self-efficacy. The secondary aim of this project is to positively impact the psychiatric hospital unit nurses' intuition as a component of clinical decision-making through skill training that improves KSAs and care delivery to the highest level of the nurses' licensure. Participating nurses received pre and post-intervention surveys, including the Psychiatric Nurse Self-Efficacy Scales and the Rew Intuitive Judgement Scale ©. Electronic delivery of training materials, including a PDF manual and e-learning module, both created by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Nursing Services (ONS) Mental Health Field Advisory Committee (MH-FAC) with permission from Dr. Czekanski was provided to participants for completion over four weeks. The pre and post-surveys were allotted three weeks pre and post-intervention for survey completion. Due to the limitations of the project, no statistically significant analysis supports or rejects project aims. Overall, this project supports the need for further study of the impact of the intervention utilizing a larger sample size.

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Nursing Commons