Date of Award

Fall 2021

Project Type

Clinical Doctorate

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Program or Major

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Degree Name


First Advisor

Cathleen Colleran


BACKGROUND: Engaged employees are paramount to the success of an organization. They are more invested in their organization and the unit on which they work. This investment in the organization results in higher patient satisfaction and safety, less staff turnover, and improved quality. According to the literature, generational differences may be necessary to consider when improving employee engagement. To successfully lead a multigenerational workforce, nurse leaders should consider these differences and incorporate them into their strategic plan for employee engagement.

METHODS: A pilot survey was conducted on a medical-surgical unit to assess a perceived lack of engagement. Subsequently, work engagement was evaluated utilizing a validated tool called the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale. This quantitative tool was combined with four qualitative questions to assess the demographics of the respondents. Eighty-six staff received the link for the anonymous survey; 28 staff responded to the survey, a 32% return rate.

INTERVENTIONS: A Think Tank, via the Zoom platform, was organized as a method that enabled a broader reach to a larger audience. Nursing leaders from two participating organizations were invited to attend. The Think Tank provided an opportunity to collaborate on employee engagement and the recommendations surrounding the issue. Generational implications of employee engagement were a highlight. Including the project lead, eight nursing leaders participated in the Think Tank.

RESULTS: The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale demonstrated an average employee engagement at each participating organization. The additional qualitative questions showed a trend in generational response and participation in the engagement survey. These responses provided the subject matter for the ensuing Think Tank with the hospital nursing leaders.

CONCLUSION: The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale demonstrated that the respondents to the survey were engaged at an average level. The demographical questions suggested that there may be a link between the generational cohort and survey response. This link is essential for nursing leadership as the Baby Boomer and Generation X nurses exit the workforce. Additional research on this topic is warranted. Utilizing a Think Tank to collaborate on shared experiences and recommendations for improving employee engagement of a multigenerational medical surgical staff is an effective strategy for reaching a broad audience.