Date of Award

Spring 2018

Project Type

Clinical Doctorate

College or School




Program or Major

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Degree Name


First Advisor

Gene Harkless

Second Advisor

Jo Porter

Third Advisor

Joyce Capiello


Breast cancer screening (BCS) has been recommended to women by healthcare providers as well as professional organizations and non-profit awareness organizations for over four decades. Recently, attention is being paid to quantification of the actual benefits and harms of BCS with mammography. The harms include overdiagnosis, overtreatment and mandate of mammography screening that may not be in alignment with the individual values and preferences of women ages 40-69. This evidence translation project developed a resource for practice that was evaluated by community participants for alignment with personal value and preference-based educational needs about BCS. This project piloted a clinical practice decision aid (DA), called My Personal Decision (MPD), directly to a community-based convenience sample of women ages 40-69. Through a small sample of women, a change in knowledge about the harms and benefits of BCS was demonstrated. Evaluation feedback from the participants before and after use of the tool confirmed that MPD was helpful and enhanced preparedness for BCS decision-making. Provision of evidence-based information directly to women in the community setting was well received and perceived as valuable in the screening decision-making process in this context. Understanding of evidence-based information is a fundamental element in the empowerment of the decision maker with the goal of informed decision-making.