Date of Award

Fall 2019

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Clinical Doctorate

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Program or Major

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

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First Advisor

Paula Stechschulte

Second Advisor

Erica Reinhardt


BACKGROUND: Establishing a connection for staff between the work being done and the associated implications and outcomes on patient safety and quality care delivery is not often a simple task for any nursing leader. Team huddles and huddle boards aim to establish and foster frontline accountability and engagement for continuous process and performance improvement. The setting of the project was a 17-bed acute care inpatient unit specializing in neurosciences within an academic medical center. Participants included nursing leaders and staff of the unit.

METHODS: Consultation and mentorship in conjunction with standard work were utilized for this project. The intervention was developed utilizing Kotter’s model of change. Literature review to identify Lean management best practices in nursing/healthcare was conducted.

INTERVENTION: Team huddle/huddle board rollout nursing leader behaviors standard work was created, along with a team huddle/huddle board score card and satisfaction survey. Consultation and mentorship provided to nursing leaders and team over eight-week project period. Nursing leader ability to implement interventions/processes assessed and team huddle and huddle board components scored weekly. A post-implementation satisfaction survey was administered to the nursing leaders and team.

RESULTS: Nursing leaders implemented all interventions and processes defined in standard work within the eight-week project period. Team huddles and huddle board possessed 100% of required components by week six and were sustained through the end of the project period. Over 90% of project participants responded as ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ on all six satisfaction survey items.

CONCLUSION: Results suggest that nursing leaders can successfully implement team huddles and huddle boards through consultation and mentorship and the utilization of standard work. Team huddles and huddle boards can benefit individual and team dynamics such as information sharing, problem solving, work environment, and communication.

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