Date of Award

Spring 2024

Project Type

Clinical Doctorate

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Degree Name


First Advisor

Cathleen Colleran

Second Advisor

Beth Ely

Third Advisor

Lynn Spilman


BACKGROUND: Clinical practice guidelines communicate recommendations to health care professionals. Poor quality guidelines decrease compliance, foster differences in practice, discordance with resources, and compound inequity in healthcare. The goal of this project was to develop a clinical practice guideline and chronicle the process. The intervention implemented was the creation of a clinical practice guideline with a family integrated and equity endorsing approach.

METHODS: A multidisciplinary team was formed and worked collaboratively to write a clinical practice guideline for inhaled nitric oxide for the management of acute pulmonary hypertension in neonates. The guideline was evaluated using the AGREE II instrument and GRADE adapted questionnaire. Parent education imbedded in the guideline was presented to the Parent and Family Advisory Council for review. During this project, the process of guideline development was systematized and templated with each step broken down as a reference for future guideline development projects. I termed the process the ELEVATE method.

RESULTS: The AGREE II score to rate the overall quality of this guideline was 92%. In response to the question, I would recommend this guideline for use, 100% of evaluators answered yes. After meeting each quality measure, the final guideline was proposed and adopted.

CONCLUSIONS: A process for writing clinical practice guidelines inclusive of family integration and a quality evaluation process supports quality improvement and family centered care. Future work will include team education for the implementation of the clinical guideline, ongoing evaluation to meet current practice standards, and validating the ELEVATE method.