Date of Award

Summer 2024

Project Type

Clinical Doctorate



Degree Name


First Advisor

Dr. Cathleen Colleran


Background: Fee-for-Service models are quantity-focused reactive approaches and have historically been at the forefront of healthcare. Value-based models focus on proactive, resident-centered care that is aimed at quality care over quantity. Implementation of ValueBased Care models can positively impact healthcare and fiscal outcomes

Purpose: The quality improvement project aimed to develop, integrate, and implement a valuebased model in Memory Care as an alternative to traditional Fee-for-Service models. The project aimed to improve key performance indicators by reducing hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and falls following the implementation of Value-Based Care (VBC) models.

Method: Data metrics for hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and falls were pulled before and after VBC integration. Intervention: A VBC model was offered as an alternative to a Fee-for-Service model in a Memory Care community. The community, residents, and legal representatives were educated on VBC models. Seventeen of twenty-three residents transitioned to a value-based model.

Results: The Quality Improvement (QI) project resulted in a 23.08% decrease in hospital admissions, a 41.18% decrease in ER visits, and a 41.03% decrease in falls.

Conclusion: The outcomes obtained can aid in striving towards dementia-focused care in which all residents receive holistic care of the highest quality while aiming to provide the highest quality of care and supporting the dignity that these residents deserve. This achievement supports using the transformative potential of VBC models within MC communities.