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Problem centered inquiry and assessment in the context of liberal education” is a podcast interview with Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), which seeks to extend the benefits of liberal education to all students. AAC&U’s projects include Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP), Valid Assessment of Liberal Education (VALUE), and General Education Maps and Markers (GEMs), are largely funded by the Gates Foundation. Schneider advocates for the use and promotion of problem-based inquiry within higher education, citing the importance of faculty as innovators in learning. Citing examples on the state level, Schneider calls upon the federal government to catch up with states embracing problem based inquiry in all disciplines. Problem based inquiry is assessed on proficiency, and Schneider cautions against the use of standardized tests in higher education. Additionally, Schneider argues that the college rating system proposed by the Obama administration is an index not a true value assessment. Schneider further advocates for a focus on higher education as a critical element to our democratic society, and not a means to an economic end.

Interview facilitation, commentary and discussion presented by Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin, and Elise Scanlon of Radio Higher Ed.

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Copyright © 2014 Radio Higher Ed . All Rights Reserved. Podcast Intro and Exit music by Won (FLT RSK) / CC BY-NC 3.0 Produced in conjunction with the Average Guy Podcast Network.

RadioHigherEd022F001.mp3 (974 kB)
Problem-centered inquiry: A 2014 priority for the AAC& U (1:01)

RadioHigherEd022F002.mp3 (1332 kB)
Competency-based education and direct assessment (1:24)

RadioHigherEd022F003.mp3 (3977 kB)
A definition of competency-based education: Applying knowledge, skill and responsibility to real problems (4:14)

RadioHigherEd022F004.mp3 (2017 kB)
State policies on problem-centered liberal learning (2:08)

RadioHigherEd022F005.mp3 (3334 kB)
GEMS: General Education Maps and Markers (3:33)

RadioHigherEd022F006.mp3 (2134 kB)
VALUE: A strategy for Assessment of Student Learning (2:16)

RadioHigherEd022F007.mp3 (4000 kB)
Digital Humanities: Reinvention of teaching and learning in higher education (4:16)

RadioHigherEd022F008.mp3 (1767 kB)
Scholar-practitioner models challenge the establishment (1:52)

RadioHigherEd022F009.mp3 (4765 kB)
Is this the emerging future of assessment? (5:05)

RadioHigherEd022F010.mp3 (2262 kB)
Improving scholarship through more intentional curricular pathways (2:24)

RadioHigherEd022F011.mp3 (5346 kB)
Proposed changes for the faculty (5:42)

RadioHigherEd022F012.mp3 (5534 kB)
Defining the value of higher education (5:54)

RadioHigherEd022F013.mp3 (3022 kB)
Change for the better: Illuminating the contribution of higher education to society (3:13)

RadioHigherEd022F014.mp3 (10591 kB)
Analysis by Kathryn Dodge, Alison Griffin and Elise Scanlon (11:18)