Attitudes people have toward war in general have been of recent interest due to the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq. The purpose of this research was to develop a scale to measure war attitudes and to investigate factors that may influence these attitudes. In the first study, a scale was developed that measured war attitudes. Three factors emerging from the War Attitude Scale were labeled ethics of war, support for war, and affect about war. Patriotism-nationalism, authoritarianism, social criticism, belief in war outcomes, support of the president, and gender were found to be significant predictors of war attitudes. In the second study, the scale was administered to a community sample. A confirmatory factor analysis was conducted with three similar factors emerging. Additionally, the community sample results allowed further generalization of the findings. Implications for the construction of the War Attitude Scale and its predictors are discussed.



Publication Date

Spring 2011

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Journal of Psychological Arts and Sciences


Jesuit Psychological Society

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