Retraumatization among adult women sexually abused in childhood: Exploratory analyses in a prospective study


The current exploratory study examined a variety of risk factors related to re-traumatization, defined broadly, in a prospective sample of women who were sexually abused in childhood. Eighty women, who were part of a larger longitudinal study of the effects of child sexual abuse, were interviewed at three points in time: in childhood and at two points in early adulthood. Risk factors were measured at the second interview and used to predict reported trauma exposure between interviews two and three. Given theoretical arguments for differences in risk factors based on ecological context, analyses were conducted separately for married and unmarried women. Situational and intrapersonal risk factors such as homelessness and depression were predictive of re-traumatization risk while reported social support satisfaction was a protective factor. Reports of trauma exposure between interviews two and three were related to mental health symptoms.

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Journal of Child Sexual Abuse


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