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Comm-entary (Student Journals and Publications)

Comm-entary is the annual student journal of communication, founded in 1981. Articles are "blind-reviewed" by a student editorial board, that is, the editors do not know the names of the authors of submitted work until after an article has been accepted for publication. Copies of Comm-entary and a folder with the tables of contents of all issues are available for reference in the department office. Any communication major, as well as any other undergraduate student, may submit material for consideration and possible publication. Submission guidelines are available in the department office. Students interested in working on the editorial board of Comm-entary should contact the department. (Note: Since most of the articles in Comm-entary are based on papers students have written for upper-level communication courses, the journal is also an excellent way for prospective majors to preview the type of projects that majors work on in advanced courses.)

Journal of Motorsport Culture & History

ISSN 2766-1113

Welcome to the Journal of Motorsport Culture & History!

The Journal of Motorsport Culture & History aims to provide quality motorsport-based academic research based on cultural or historical inquiries. Issues will be released annually in November, since November of 2019. Manuscripts will be subject to a desk review for fit, and a double-blind peer review for quality and rigor. Student authors are encouraged to submit their research.

Call for Papers!

The Journal of Motorsport Culture & History is currently accepting academic papers on cultural and historical inquiries on motorsport. Papers may include, but are not limited to, motorsport research on sociology, cultural studies, communication studies, and history. We invite all works to enter into our peer review process!

See the Aims and Scope for more information about the Journal of Motorsport Culture & History.

Perspectives (Student Journals and Publications)

Welcome to Perspectives, the UNH Sociology Department’s student-produced academic journal.

All Sociology students are encouraged to submit their work. Research projects from the Methods course or papers written for other sociology courses are equally appropriate.

Check with the Sociology Department for the current submission deadlines or if you would like to be involved in the production of Perspectives.

Work may be submitted to the Department Office in McConnell or emailed to the current coordinator.

RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (1990-2002) (University of New Hampshire – Franklin Pierce School of Law)

ISSN 1073-8673

RISK: Health, Safety & Environment (ISSN: 1073-8673) is a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal that was produced by Franklin Pierce Law Center (now University of New Hampshire School of Law) in Concord, NH from 1990-2002. The first five volumes of the journal were produced under the title RISK: Issues in Health & Safety.

Spectrum (Student Journals and Publications)

The purpose of this journal is to provide a venue for UNH students to publish and share their work with the university community and the general public. As a discipline, anthropology has numerous subfields, including archaeology, medical anthropology, applied anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, visual anthropology, and socio-linguistics, among others. We encourage submissions from all subfields, but will also consider interdisciplinary work.

We hope that this journal is a venue where students also can receive constructive feedback on their projects, exchange ideas, and share innovative approaches, techniques, study areas, and media for doing, producing, and representing anthropological projects. This is not a peer-reviewed journal. The editorial board rotates annually and consists of two anthropologists, ideally representing different subfields (e.g., a socio-cultural anthropologist and an archaeologist).

The University of New Hampshire Law Review (University of New Hampshire – Franklin Pierce School of Law)

ISSN 2325-7318 (U.N.H. L. Rev. v.9- );

The University of New Hampshire Law Review, formerly published under the title Pierce Law Review, replaced the peer-reviewed journal RISK: Health Safety and Environment. As one of two scholarly journals produced by University New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law students, the UNH Law Review publishes articles of general legal interest exploring questions of law and unsettled legal issues.

UNH Sports Law Review (University of New Hampshire – Franklin Pierce School of Law)

ISSN 2771-4578