Differential Resistance to Staphylococcus aureus Challenge in Major Histocompatibility (B) Complex Congenic Lines


Ten inbred B-congenic Leghorn lines were challenged with two isolates of Staphylococcus aureus at 3 days and 6 wk of age. Significant differences in mortality were observed among such lines when challenged at 3 days with either S. aureus Isolate P4L (moderately pathogenic) or S. aureus Isolate 3727 (highly pathogenic). Line 331 (B 2/B 2 genotype) had lower mortality than either Line 004 (B 17/B 17, χ2 = 4.13, P < .05) or Line 253 (B 18/B 18, χ2 = 4.23, P < .05) challenged with Isolate P4L. The use of a susceptibility index allowed for the detection of additional differences among the various lines challenged by Isolate 3727. Line 336 (B Q/B Q) was more resistant than either Line 335 (B 19/B 19 , P < .01) or Line 330 (B 21 /B 21, P < .01). No significant differences were found among the lines challenged at 6 wk by either isolate. The results provide additional evidence for the importance of the B complex in genetically determined disease resistance, and further demonstrate the usefulness of congenic lines in such investigations.

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Poultry Science


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