Revision of the North American Species of Amblyderus with a Checklist of the World Species (Coleoptera: Anthicidae)


The North American species of Amblyderus are revised, and a key is provided. InAmblyderus Pic is placed as a new synonym of Amblyderus. Six species are redescribed, and one new species, A. owyhee Chandler, is described from the Columbia River Plateau. A checklist of the world species and their distributions is included. Lectotypes for Anthicus granularis LeConte, Anthicus pallens LeConte, Amblyderus obesus Casey, Amblyderus albicans Casey and Amblyderus parviceps Casey are designated. The record of Amblyderus from Puerto Rico is found to be due to a misspelling of the genus Amblycerus Thunberg (Family Chrysomelidae, Bruchinae).

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Transactions of the American Entomological Society (1890-)


American Entomological Society

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