The following new synonymies and new combinations for Pselaphinae of North and Central America are documented: Anarmodius aequinoctialis (Motschulsky) (Trichonyx), New Comb.; Anthylarthron cornutum (Brendel) (= Anthylarthron curtipenne Casey, New Syn.); Aporhexius robustus (Motschulsky) (Euplectus), New Comb.; Batrisodespunctlfrons Casey (= Batrisodes appalachianus Casey, New Syn.); Batrisodes ionae (LeConte) (= Batrisodes caseyt Blatchley, New Syn.); Batrisodes clypeonotus (Brendel) (= Batrisodes kahli Bowman, New Syn.); Batrisodes lineaticollis (Aube) (= Batrisus globosus LeConte, New Syn.); Brachygluta corniventris (Motschulsky) (Bryaxts), New Comb., (= Bryaxts illinoiensis Brendel, New Syn.); Cedius ziegleri LeConte (= Cedius robustus Casey, New Syn.); Conoplectus simplex (Motschulsky) (Rhexius), New Comb., jun. syn. of Conoplectus canaliculatus (LeConte), New Syn.; Ctenisodes Raffray (= Pilopius Casey, New Syn.); Cylindrarctus ludovicianus (Brendel) (= Cylindrarctus comes Casey, New Syn.; Dalmosanus Park (= Pygmactium Grigarick and Schuster, New Syn.); Decarthron consanguineum (Motschulsky) (Bryaxis), New Comb.; Decarthron formiceti (LeConte) (= Decarthron rayi Park, = Decarthron seriepunctatum Brendel, New Syns.); Decarthron velutinum (LeConte), New Status (= "D. formiceti," Park, 1958); Decarthron marinum Brendel (= Decarthron diversum Park, New Syn.); Decarthron robustum (Motschulsky) (Metaxis), New Comb.; Euphalepsus Reitter (= Barada Raffray, = Tetrasemus Jeannel, New Syns.), in subtribe Baradina; Eupsentus dilatatus Motschulsky (= Eupsenius rufus LeConte, New Syn.); Eurhexius canaliculatus (Motschulsky) (Trichonyx), New Comb. (= Eurhexius zonalis Park, New Syn.); Harmophola adusta (Motschulsky) (Euplectus), New Comb.; Iteticus cylindricus (Motschulsky) (Batrisus), New Comb.; Nisaxis Casey (=Dranisaxa Park, New Syn.); Oropus strtatus (LeConte) (=Oropus keeni Casey and O. brevipennis Casey, New Syns.); Panaramecia tropicalis (Motschulsky) (Euplectus), New Comb. (= Panaramecia zvilliamsi Park, New Syn.); Phamisus Aube, (= Canthoderus Motschulsky, New Syn.); Pselaptus oedipus (Sharp) (Bryaxis, Cryptorhinula), New Comb.; Pselaphus bellax Casey (= Pselaphus ulkei Bowman, New Syn); Reichenbachia intacta (Sharp) (= Bryaxis sarcinaria Schaufuss, New Syn.); Reichenbachia pruinosa (Motschulsky) (Bryaxis), New Comb., (= Bryaxis macrura Motschulsky, = Reichenbachia bterigi Park, New Syns.); Reichenbachia rubricunda (Aube) (= Bryaxis gemmifer LeConte, New Syn.); Trimicerus Motschulsky, (= Batrybraxis Reitter, New Syn.); Trimicerus corn?gera (Motschulsky) (Bryaxis), New Comb. (= Batrybraxis panamensis Park, New Syn.); Trimicerus pacificus Motschulsky (= Batrybraxis bowmani Park, New Syn.); Trimiomelba dubia (LeConte) (= Trimium americanum Motschulsky, = Trimium convexulum LeConte, = Trimiomelba laevis Casey, New Syns.); Tyrus humeralis (Aube) (= Tyrus consimilis Casey, New Syn.); Tyrus semiruber Casey (= "Tyrus humeralis" of authors); Tyrus cortidnus Casey (= Tyrus carinifer Casey, New Syn.); Xybarida trimioides (Sharp) (Bryaxis, Cryptorhinula), New Comb. Lectotype designations: Batrisus ionae LeConte; Batrisus globosus LeConte; Bryaxis consangu?nea Motschulsky; Bryaxis corniventris Motschulsky; Bryaxis pruinosa Motschulsky; Metaxis robusta Motschulsky; Rhextus simplex Motschulsky; Trimium americanum LeConte; Tyrus consimilis Casey. New species and genera: Cylindrarctus semin?le Chandler, New Species (= "Cylindrarctus comes," Chandler, 1988); Motschtyrus pilosus (Motschulsky) (Tychus), Panama, New Genus, New Comb.

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