A new genus of notoxini based on the elegans and schenklingi groups of Mecynotarsus (Coleoptera : anthicidae)


The new genus Squamanotoxus is proposed to hold seven species previously placed in the elegans and schenklingi groups of Mecynotarsus. The elegans group is distributed in the southern United States, Mexico, the Greater Antilles, and Central America, while the schenklingi group is found in the Lesser Antilles and South America. This new genus is closely related to Notoxus and Plesionotoxus. The new genus is described, the elegans and schenklingi species groups are characterized, and the extensive variation in color pattern is described for several species. The elegans group holds five species: S. elegans (LeConte) n. comb. (=Mecynotarsus intermixtus Werner, n. syn.; =Mecynotarsus jamaicanus Werner, n. syn.; =Mecynotarsus falcatus Chandler, n. syn.), S. balsasensis (Werner) n. comb. (=Mecynotarsus salvadorensis Werner, new syn.), S. sexnotatus (Champion) n. comb. (=Mecynotarsus nevermanni Werner, n. syn; =Mecynotarsus alvarado Chandler, n. syn.), S. vafer (Chandler) n. comb., and S. hispaniolae (Werner) n. comb. The schenklingi group contains two species: S. gutanensis (Pic) n. comb. (=Notoxus vianay Pic, n. syn; =Mecynotarsus chalumeaui Bonadona, n. syn.), and S. schenklingi (Pic) n. comb.

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