A revision of the new world Cyclodinus Mulsant & Rey (Coleoptera : Anthicidae)


The genus Cyclodinus Mulsant & Rey is revised for the New World. Seven species are now known: C. annectens (LeConte), C. californicus (LaFerte-Senectere), C. franciscanus (Casey), C. mimus (Casey), C. mundulus (Sharp) are redescribed; C. mono n. sp. and C. paiute n. sp. are described as new; Anthicus texanus LaFerte-Senectere is placed as a junior synonym of C. californicus. Lectotypes are designated for Anthicus californicus LaFerte-Senectere, Thicanus mimus Casey, and A. mundulus Sharp. A key to species is provided and the male genitalia are figured. One species, C. mundulus, has been introduced to Hawaii and Hispaniola, and it is possible that others have been introduced to central Mexico.

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Transactions of the American Entomological Society


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