Differentially expressed soluble proteins in aortic cells from atherosclerosis-susceptible and resistant pigeons


Soluble proteins in aortic smooth muscle cells cultured from atherosclerosis-susceptible White Carneau and atherosclerosis-resistant Show Racer pigeons were extracted and separated on 2-dimensional electrophoresis gels. Spots were analyzed with Phoretix software and compared between the 2 breeds. Proteins differentially expressed were arrayed on a map, plotting molecular weight against isoelectric point. Eight discrete zones were identified, 5 that included only proteins unique to susceptible cells and 3 that included proteins unique to resistant cells. Of the 88 differentially expressed proteins from susceptible cells, 41 were located in unique zones, whereas 29 of 82 differentially expressed proteins from resistant cells were in unique zones. Selected proteins from susceptibility, and resistance zones were annotated by peptide mass fragments, molecular weights, isoelectric points, and correspondence with genes differentially expressed between cells from the 2 breeds. Some of the annotated proteins (such as smooth muscle myosin phosphatase, myosin heavy chain, fatty acid-binding protein, ribophorin, heat shock protein, and tumor necrosis factor alpha-inducing factor) corresponded to the current hypotheses to explain atherogenesis. In addition, the unique electrophoretic migration zones of proteins associated with susceptibility or resistance should prove useful as a diagnostic tool in clinical settings where species or phenotypes, or both, susceptible or resistant to atherosclerosis can be identified.

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