Developing a Biomonitoring Educational Pamphlet for Potential Participants in a Breast Milk Biomonitoring Study


Over the past decade, biomonitoring research initiatives in the United States have increased because of growing concern over the accumulation of environmental chemicals in the human body. One matrix that has become a viable biological sample for estimating human exposure to environmental chemicals is breast milk. However, breast milk biomonitoring research can induce anxiety and confusion about breastfeeding if communication is lacking between researchers, community partners, and participants. To bridge this communication gap, an informative, reassuring 8-page pamphlet was developed to educate community partners and potential participants about research on 1 class of environmental chemicals-polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Not only did the pamphlet assist in participant recruitment, but it forged positive relationships with valuable community partners. J Hum Lact. 26(2):183-186

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Journal of Human Lactation


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