The Dynamics 365 – CRM Implementation Project was to implement software to support the customer relationship management side of our business, Lydall, Inc. This division of our business has four operations globally and does not have a unified system of data. The data that is included in this system will be Accounts, Contacts, Competitors, Leads, Opportunities, Invoice Data and Budgeting and Forecasting.

With implementing this system we will:

• Increase effectiveness of our customer interactions
• Improve our business process and selling impact
• Increase and simplify collaboration between internal departments
• Increase forecast accuracy
• Reduce time to respond to customer needs
• Anticipate business trends with relevant and up to date analysis
• Offer professional sales management tools.

This system is a cloud solution (Internet Based Software), so it is available online and available via mobile technology, smart phones and tablets. This will allow our sales force to have access to their data whenever and wherever they need it.

Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

Program or Major

Project Management


Fall 2018


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