The project I chose was the Incident Notification and Warning System (INWS). The purpose of the INWS mass notification warning system is to provide warning and response direction for all personnel within 10 minutes of incident notification and verification Ultimately, a robust mass notification system is needed at all DOD locations. More recent active shooter events across the country, have emphasized the need for a robust INWS capability that informs all military personnel when a threat is present in there. The Project did not go smoothly, we had 3 PMS and there was tremendous turnover on all three teams. I would recommend one central PM. The second issue had to do with directorate’s involvement. I would recommend if a directorate was not involved from the onset they should stay out of the project until it’s complete and then modify if necessary. We used one note to track and share project information.

Project Type


College or School

College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Project Management


Winter 2020


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