The purpose of this research is to identify the leadership models that have a positive impact on the retention of nurse aides working in nursing homes. Research has shown that long term care centers are projected to grow exponentially by 2022 and that a record number of nurse aides will be required during this same time. With some nursing centers reporting a turnover rate upwards of 150%, new nursing centers being opened, and additional aides needed to meet the current center demands, leaders must be invested in the retention of their nurse aides to support the success of the organization. Retention of nurse aides will improve the likelihood of successful operational outcomes for the organization including improved customer experience and increased revenues. Improved retention of the nurse aides can come from engaging staff to feel respected and appreciated as a valued member of the organization. For the purpose of this research the focus will be placed on the positive impact organizational leaders have on workforce retention when they engage the nurse aide. The nursing home marketplace will continue to become more competitive vying for nurse aides to meet the needs of the business. Leaders must give their nurse aides a reason to want to engage and remain in their nursing center.

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Spring 2016

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