This research project looks at the effects of stress on law enforcement officers. Stress is a normal response to an event, which can be experienced by anyone. When a person is unable to effectively deal with stress it can create issues. Stress can lead to several behaviors such as alcoholism, inability to sleep, lack of work performance, anxiety, suicide, or other symptoms. The effects of stress not only affect the individual, but also the organization they work for, and the individual’s family as well. This research paper will identify the stressors’ law enforcement personnel face, and examine the effects of stress when it is not managed effectively. Lastly, the research will identify which interventions are effective and which are not. Determining specifically if a peer support group is an effective means of stress management for law enforcement personnel. There is very little data on the effectiveness of interventions at this point, but there is some supporting evidence on the benefits of peer support teams within police organization.

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College of Professional Studies Granite Division

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Summer 2016

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