The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the teacher shortage; however, school districts across the country have faced shortages for many years. While the state of New Hampshire is not alone in the shortage of teachers, New Hampshire faces additional barriers when it comes to recruiting and retaining a diverse group of certified educators. This project explores barriers to hiring educators that include: the demand for teachers, the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching reciprocity challenges, budget constraints and low wages, and local competition. The methodology used includes a combination of research using online tools such as Google Scholar, the UNH virtual library, and a survey of local peers who work in School Human Resources in the state. The results of this paper show that the teaching shortage has continued to worsen since the great recession in 2008, and districts around the country are looking for creative ways to recruit and retain high quality educators (Sutcher, Darling-Hammond, & Carver-Thomas, 2019). Keywords: Teacher Shortage, Retention, Education

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