This book chapter examines two futures for academic librarians working in access (technical) services: deeper collaboration on data management with faculty and student researchers and expanded access to library resources on the Semantic Web. Both are concerned with data organization, discovery, access, and support of shared data beyond the library. The chapter examines many aspects of research data from the perspectives of researchers and librarians. It briefly examines events prior to the library's greater involvement with research data, looks at how librarians gained fundamental knowledge and skills to assist with the tasks involved with research data curation, and discusses why researchers began to place more emphasis on data management. It then examines the stages of the data life cycle, the components of a data management plan, the purpose of application profiles, and the usefulness of standardized vocabularies and ontologies. The chapter then discusses the connection between the Semantic Web and linked data and how this integrates with research data, standards, the library catalog and its future for the shared library. Metadata is a common factor among all these topics. The chapter concludes with a discussion of options for librarians to expand their data expertise or retool for a new future.

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Book Chapter


2015 Rowman & Littlefield



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