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There is a growing list of resources for “student wellness” support initiatives on campus, including creating wellness programs in academic libraries such as meditation spaces or therapy animal encounters, as well as comprehensive programing around high-intensity times for student bodies—such as midterms or finals programming. A wealth of resources also exists for library faculty and staff who manage library student employees regarding their hiring, training, and supervision. However, there has been little thought given to the “student-ness” of library student employees and how wellness initiatives might directly relate to their work experience and successful work performance as part of their overall wellness on campus. In this chapter, we will explore the recommended structure of campus “student wellness support” programs and translate it into an appropriate tool kit of resources and staff development suggestions for library student supervisors. We will also recommend techniques for successfully navigating the unpredictability and higher-stakes experience of working with a student employee through a real-life wellness situation.

By exploring student supervision through a lens of student wellness, this tool kit will help those who supervise student employees broaden their overall understanding of both student wellness and their role as a student supervisor in contributing to the experiences of a library student employee on a university campus.

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Student Wellness and Academic Libraries: Case Studies and Activities for Promoting Health and Success



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This is a chapter published by ACRL in Student Wellness and Academic Libraries: Case Studies and Activities for Promoting Health and Success in 2020, available online.



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