Adventure Education and Resilience Enhancement: A Mixed Methods Study


This study assessed the effect of an experiential, adventure-based program on levels of resilience in fifth-grade Latino students. A mixed methods, quasi-experimental design was used to measure the impact of the Santa Fe Mountain Center's Anti-Bullying Initiative on internal assets commonly associated with resilient individuals. Results indicated this adventure education program positively affected certain resilience traits, although concerns with research methodology are raised. Female students demonstrated greater gains than male students. Suggestions for practitioners include the following: clearly defining intended outcomes, developing a safe and supportive learning environment, establishing tools and strategies that students can use in a variety of settings, and connecting the adventure experience to the school or home setting. Future research could use a more recent and reliable survey, look at varying outcomes based on gender, and assess how levels of resilience correlate with improved educational and social outcomes.

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Journal of Experiential Education


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